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December 31, 2008

Bargaining in a Tough Market

Bargain-shopping Whether you're scrounging around the local flea or hunting for treasures in bazaars around the world, you can strike a great deal if you know how to play the game. Hone your skills with these ten tips from "The Fearless Shopper":

1. Try to relax and have fun. It's a game, not a confrontation.

2. Comparison shop. Know the relative value of an item before haggling, to get a feel of the market. Observe how much the locals are buying and paying for items.

3. Before you bargain for anything, decide "What is this worth to me?" and "What is the most I am willing to pay?" Then ask the price. That way you'll know how much bargaining room you have.

4. If a merchant asks an absurd price, offer an equally ridiculous low price. You'll probably meet somewhere in the middle. But if you start in the middle, you'll have less room to maneuver and you'll pay more than you should.

More tips for bargaining your way through the market.




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