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July 2008

July 31, 2008

Green and Clean Car Washes

37732574 When trying to promote an eco-friendly environment, do-it-yourself car washes seem like a great idea. They certainly use less water, soap, wax and other cleaning materials than your average commercial car washes. Though that may be true, DIY car washes can indeed be more harmful to the environment than you think.

When you wash your car on your own, the runoff of water and soap detergent falls into a storm drain. Storm drains are designed to carry rainwater to nearby waterways. If soap and detergents get into those waterways, it can damage the plants and aquatic wildlife living there. Because of this, storm water runoff is one of most common sources of pollution of streams, rivers, lakes, oceans and inlets.

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July 30, 2008

Favorite Fall Foliage Destinations

Fall_foliage It's never to early to start planning your fall vacation. Along with great harvests and that special nip in the air, in some regions, leaves color to rich shades of orange, yellow and red. It's well worth the trip to see these  seasonal changes.

New England boasts beautiful fall foliage, the optimal time to see it being September through mid-to late October. You can hike through these multi-colored woods or you can take advantage of the many activities some New England states have to offer.

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July 11, 2008

Get Away This Weekend

Weekend_travel In our busy lives, we all need some R & R, but it may seem impossible because we are so pressed for time. Weekend trip packages are designed to be quick and fun, so you will get the rest and relaxation that you need and be able to return to work on Monday.

Cruise Along
Weekend cruises are a nice idea for a quick getaway. The shortest cruises are usually three to five days, and stop at your favorite ports-of-call. Carnival and Royal Caribbean offer more short cruises than other lines. Weekend cruises will run less than week-long cruises, though you will pay more on a newer ship. It's also a good idea to book a cheap cabin for a shorter cruise, because you'll be spending less time there. For more information on weekend cruises, check out RTM's Quick Escapes article.

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July 10, 2008

Go Green While Traveling

Green_travel While Kermit the Frog would argue that it is not easy being green, thousands of others say that being green is not only easy, but necessary for the preservation of our environment. "Going green" can apply to all aspects of daily life from washing dishes to turning lights off, so why not apply the green philosophy to your travel needs?

Watch Your Footprint
Everyone leaves a carbon footprint (a measurement of greenhouse gases produced) in day-to-day activities. Though traveling can be a relaxing getaway from the everyday world, it's important not to forget the environmental impact one may have. Whether you are traveling by car, train, or air, you are adding to your footprint's energy used. Calculate your trips emissions with an online carbon calculator. For information on how to offset your carbon footprint, check out RTM's Offsetting Your Emissions article.

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