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June 05, 2008

Stop Bank-Breaking Fuel Costs

Save_money_on_fuel With gas prices soaring sky high, phrases like "fuel efficiency", "fuel-saving" and "hybrid" are hot, just because of the implications that will save you from being robbed at the pump. And though some car companies are offering free gasoline if your purchase one of their vehicles this summer, there isn't a need to jump out and buy a new car when there are fuel-saving options with the car you have.

Leave the Car at Home
The most obvious gas saving option is using your car only when it's absolutely necessary. If you live near a loaction you need to get to, why use your car? Walking and cycling are not only save you money, they provide great health and environmental benefits. Check out RTM's Best Walking Cities article to see if you live in one of the United States most walker-friendly cities.

Reconsider Air-Conditioning
If you can stand it, don't use your car's air conditioning system in stop and go traffic. Air conditioning sucks up a surprising amount of your car's energy and creates a drag on your car, meaning that your car needs to use more energy to maintain its speed. Open windows can also create drag on your car at highway speeds, so opt for air conditioning then. Find out how air conditioning affects your car's fuel efficiency, by reading RTM's article, Air Conditioning Better Than Open Air.

Practice Proper Car Care
Check your vehicle's air filter and tire pressure. A clean air filter can promote fuel efficiency in your car. so you get more miles out of your gallon. Good tire pressure also prevents using more gasoline if the tires are dragging along. Overall maintenace is important: Cars that are running at their peak performance require less fuel. For more information on how a good air filter can save you from financial ruin by way of fuel, see RTM's Air Filter and Vehicle Maintenance Tips.

Avoid Jackrabbit Stops
When in a stopped position, don't floor the gas pedal when you're eager to get moving again. It pushes more gas to the engine than you need. Also, avoid sudden stops if you can, and you can save your gas milage by 5 percent or more. For more information on saving gas with your pedals, check out RTM's Getting Better Gas Mileage From Your Car article.

For more tips on how to save your gasoline (and money), check out RTM's Five Gas-Saving Tips article.


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