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June 2008

June 27, 2008

All American Vacations

All_american_vacations July 4 is approaching soon and it's time to have fun. Americans celebrate their independence in a variety of ways including picnics, barbeques, and fireworks shows. Why not try something new and visit one of our great American locales all over the country?

Visit Beautiful National Parks
America is a country with much natural beauty. What better way to see the country's breathtaking landscape than to visit one of the national parks the United States has to offer? The US has over 70 national parks, so it's likely you will find one near you. National parks have a wide range of outdoor activities, wildlife, and sometimes historic architecture, while providing beautiful scenery for you and your family to take in. For more information on visiting one of America's national parks, visit RTM's Ageless Facination: America's National Parks article.

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June 09, 2008

Take Terror out of 2 a.m. Calls

Late_night_phone_call_3 The phone rang at 2am waking me from a deep sleep. I leapt out of bed with adrenaline pumping through my veins as if I had just run a race propelling me at warp speed to follow the ringing in the dark. It’s amazing I didn’t break a leg or smash into a wall. No one ever calls me at two in the morning unless it’s an emergency or someone dropped dead so my instincts, and the sick feeling in my stomach, led me to believe the worst — someone I love had been hurt or died. My imagination ran wild with all the scenarios of what it could be in the brief five seconds it took to find the phone. It seemed like an hour. In my sleepy groggily voice all I could say was “what’s wrong,” already thinking ahead about trying to find a flight at that hour of night to reach my loved ones back east to be by their side through whatever darkness lurked. I had hoped it was a wrong number and had preferred to be pissed that someone had scared the living daylights out of me for no good reason.

At the other end of the phone I heard my daughter, a grown woman, crying uncontrollably with noticeable fear in her voice.

Click here to read the rest of the story and find out how Bridgestone tires helped stop the terror of 2 a.m. calls.

June 05, 2008

Least Expensive Cars to Own

Cost_of_owning_a_vehicle The cost of owning a vehicle goes beyond the purchase price. Expenses like insurance and maintenance can add up.

To attain absolute rock bottom ownership costs — which still tally more than $30,000 over five years, even for a $10,000 car — a vehicle must be spartan. It must be small and lightweight to maximize fuel economy. And it should skimp on features, so that maintenance and repair costs stay low.

But most of all, it must start life with a sticker price well below even the most affordable luxury cars. A low purchase price holds down insurance premiums, taxes and fees, financing costs, and, especially, depreciation. has listed the top ten least expensive vehicles to own. Click here to see the list.

Stop Bank-Breaking Fuel Costs

Save_money_on_fuel With gas prices soaring sky high, phrases like "fuel efficiency", "fuel-saving" and "hybrid" are hot, just because of the implications that will save you from being robbed at the pump. And though some car companies are offering free gasoline if your purchase one of their vehicles this summer, there isn't a need to jump out and buy a new car when there are fuel-saving options with the car you have.

Leave the Car at Home
The most obvious gas saving option is using your car only when it's absolutely necessary. If you live near a loaction you need to get to, why use your car? Walking and cycling are not only save you money, they provide great health and environmental benefits. Check out RTM's Best Walking Cities article to see if you live in one of the United States most walker-friendly cities.

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