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April 30, 2010

48 Hours in the Glamorous Life of a Publisher

Glampub1 As I sit here at my computer on a Sunday afternoon wondering what I should write about in this issue, my mind goes blank. I begin to wonder how many brain cells I have left or how long what's left will last. The older I get the fewer that spark, it seems.

I haven't showered in two days nor have I seen another human being for three. I've been locked behind closed doors since I returned from a New York business trip Thursday night, trying to bang out a 12-page business proposal and meet the next issue's deadline before I leave for my next trip in two days.

My mind feels numb as I gaze out the first window I've ever had in an office. I remember it is Easter Sunday and reflect back on all the Easter egg hunts and big family dinners we used to have when I was living in total anonymity in the obscure little town of Warwick, Rhode Island. Ah, those were the days.

I find myself laughing in my silly little daydream all by myself in my office. What am I laughing at? I'm laughing at how everyone seems to think the life of a publisher is so glamorous, exciting and social.

So glamorous and social is my life that when I'm not traveling, most of the seven days a week I work are spent on emails or behind my trusty Dell with most of my mind focused on cars and travel. Even on Easter. I'm not complaining, because I live the life of a glamorous publisher. In fact, allow me to share what 48 hours in the glamorous life a publisher is really like.

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