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October 20, 2009

The Top Five Most Haunted Hotels in America

Haunted These five hotels may seem just like normal places to visit, with their wonderful amenities, pools and customer service. But if you ask the right people, you could end up convinced that they are haunted - try staying there and you'll know for sure. This top five guide will tell you exactly where to stay and what to expect, in the chances that one of the supposed ghosts will give you a haunt!


1. Hotel Provincial: New Orleans, Louisiana - In the center of New Orleans' French Quarter, this gorgeous and charming Victorian hotel used to house a military hospital and 19th century living quarters. Ghost sightings (particularly of soldiers) and other haunted happenings have been reported by numerous honeymooners and guests. Try buliding number five, apparently it is the most haunted of all.


2. The Heathman Hotel: Portland, Oregon - This urban hotel in the heart of downtown Portland has a strange "3" enigma. Only guests that stay in a room whose last digits are "03" report strange events - especially room 703, where a man was supposedly almost suffocated by his bed sheets before his suitcases were thrown at him by a dark man who disappeared into the closet.

3. The Carolina Inn: Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Paranormal investigators have documented 20 ghosts in this historic, southernly charming hotel. Guests report being followed by a man who disappears when they turn around. There is another ghost who walks the halls trying to find a door that isn't locked.


4. The Sagamore Resort: Bolton Landing, New York - This sports paradise situated in the Adirondack Mountains is said to be home to many lost spirits, like a lost little boy, abusive couple, and a lady in white who blows a cold chill upon sleeping guests' eyelids.


Bakerslounge 5. The Crescent Hotel: Eureka Springs, Arkansas - This hotel has quite an extensive history, but in the '30's one crazy doctor made it into a "hospital and health care center", where the miracle cure was to drink the water. It is now said that the spring water flowing beneath the hotel is high in energy, attracting lost spirits. It is reported that the hotel is haunted by Dr. Norman Baker and other ghosts, some dressed like an assortment of cancer patients, waiters, or even construction workers.


(Source: Haunted America Tours)


For more about haunted hotels from RTM, read Spooky Stays at America's Haunted Houses.


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