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October 07, 2009

Extra Baggage: Airlines Increasing Charges

Check-airline-header Pack lightly, because airlines are cracking down on baggage charges for 2009 and 2010. Many airlines offer perks programs which exempt or reduce frequent customers these charges, and discounts for pre-paying charges online. Overweight, oversized, and internationally travelling bags may be charged more or less, and all baggage fees are subject to change. For all the airports listed, a carry-on and personal item are allowed on board. Charges apply both ways for round trip travel. These charges apply to economy or coach-class tickets and usually vary for higher class tickets. This list is in order from best deal on baggage charges to most expensive.

Click here to see the current list.

Some argue that baggage allowances should be universal, but the counterargument is that differing baggage allowances allow airlines to be competitive, and customers can use these differences as a deciding factor when booking flights. Most flyers, however, rely on factors such as cost of flight, whether or not miles will apply to their frequent flyer points, amount of stops, and reputation of airline to make their chose their flying partners. When people have their mind set, extra baggage costs may just be… well, extra baggage.

For more on airlines from RTM, visit our Airline Rules section.

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